DHEA 100mg

DHEA 100mg 180 Capsules (EV)DHEA 100mg 180 Capsules (EV)

  • Reverses the ageing process
  • Balances mood and increases energy levels
  • Alleviates depression and stress symptoms
  • Naturally boosts metabolism to burn fat
  • Enhances libido and sexual functions

DHEA 100mg supplement is a naturally derived dietary addition that can help individuals—who are not producing enough of the essential hormone—to balance mood, increase muscle mass, increase energy levels, and fight premature ageing.

What is DHEA?

DHEA is a natural hormone produced by the adrenal gland and is the most common sterone in the bloodstream. When we are young, around 7 years of age, we begin producing this hormone naturally. Blood levels reach their highest during our late teens and begin to decline around age 25. DHEA levels decline at the rate of about 20% per decade.

DHEA has a vital role with cortisol—the hormone that induces stress. Cortisol is one of the few hormones that increases with age, and if it is not maintained, it may cause acute health complications. Healthy DHEA levels keep cortisol levels under control, which may help slow physical ageing and reduce stress.

What Does DHEA Do?

Researchers believe that DHEA has significant anti-ageing effects. DHEA supplement, whether it’s a tablet, capsule, or cream, may enhance cognitive functions, such as memory, thinking, feeling, and sensing, as well as improve energy and mood, increase libido, and promote muscle mass.

Scientific Studies Support DHEA

Samuel Yen, M.D. was one of the first to conduct a controlled human clinical trial of DHEA replacement therapy. He administered 100 mg of DHEA supplements to 8 men and 8 women, aged 50 or over. After 6 months, it was reported that 70% of the men and 85% of the women experienced an improved mood while taking DHEA, as opposed to 1% and 5% of men and women, respectively, while on placebo. (1)

DHEA May Have A Significant Impact On Lean Body Mass. In one study conducted by D. Jakubowicz and colleagues, 22 men took 300 mg of DHEA nightly for 30 days. They observed an average 27% fall in insulin levels. They also found an 89% increase in IGF-1 (a powerful hormone with multi-faceted effects, most notable its growth hormone-like effects on body composition), a 14% decrease in body fat, and a 7.8% increase in lean body mass.(2)

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