What is a DHEA Supplement?

A DHEA supplement is naturally extracted from wild yams, which contain plant sterols (a class of plant hormones). The most common sterol found in wild yams is diosgenin—a molecular structure that is very similar to DHEA. By removing a few side chains of the diosgenin molecule, scientists have successfully converted the plant compound diosgenin into natural and safe DHEA for consumption.

Will Natural Yam Extracts Increase DHEA levels?

No. Ingestion of wild yam extracts will not increase your DHEA levels. This is because the body is not capable of converting wild yam extract into DHEA. This process can only be done in the laboratory by health researchers who know how to perform the conversion process.

Do DHEA Supplements Inhibit Natural DHEA Production?

The production of most steroids in the body is controlled by feedback. For example: when hormone levels get too high, the body makes less of it, and when hormone levels are too low, the body makes more. DHEA is an exception to this rule. It is suggested that a small dosage of DHEA supplement will not stop your body’s natural DHEA production. However, supplementation with a high dosage of DHEA and for a long period may affect the body’s natural DHEA production.

How DHEA Can Help You

If you are experiencing one or more DHEA deficiency symptoms, you may not be producing enough DHEA and are in need of a DHEA supplement. Before beginning supplementation, it’s important to consult your physician. DHEA is a non-addicting hormone supplement that can help fight premature ageing, enhance sex drive and functions, increase energy levels, balance mood, and alleviate symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and depression.